Inserting timestamps in org-mode§

Vim style: SPC u , . Emacs style: C-u C-M-m . or M-m u C-M-m . Explanation/mnemonics: C-u => SPC u if on vim style, M-m u or the vanilla C-u on emacs style C-c => , (at least for org-mode it usually is, especially while in org-mode. C-M-m on Emacs style) . => still .

Source: [2022-07-28 gio],

Exporting HTML without converting§

Very useful to insert HTML in org-mode, so you don't have any transformation during the export phase.

The HTML export back-end transforms ‘<’ and ‘>’ to ‘&lt;’ and ‘&gt;’. To include raw HTML code in the Org file so the HTML export back-end can insert that HTML code in the output, use this inline syntax: ‘...’. For example:

bold text

Source: [2022-07-28 gio],