For everyone who is studying with this song, a check-list:

  • A bottle of water, at least 1 liter. Your brain works better if you have enough water and drinking helps you to concentrate💧
  • Your charger. Sometimes you don't even notice that your device's battery is running out, so it's best to keep it plugged in at all times🔋
  • Your headphones. You will be able to concentrate more with headphones as it blocks background noise. Also, if it's a late night study session, you won't wake anyone up🎧
  • tea or coffee. Coffee keeps you awake, green or black tea can also make you feel more awake.”
  • Your study / work stuff: your laptop / tablet / phone, some pens, paper or whatever you need.⌨️
  • Anything else you might need, how about a heat pad, a blanket, a good lamp, your pet so you can have a study partner 🐈

Reminder: After an hour, you should get up and walk a little. Better to stop the song or put a different song on for the break. Open your window, even if it's cold outside. Fresh air will make it better, believe me. You can also lay your head on the table for ten minutes and listen to a podcast. Or, if you have to read a book, listen to his audiobook. You can also listen to the audiobook while doing something else, this is even better than listening to the music while reading the book.

Hope everyone had a good day, if not, that's fine too. Remember to take care of yourself and try to get some sleep tonight 😴🧸